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Why do people prefer using Nebulizers over Inhalers?

The main reason for using Nebulizers and inhalers over medicine consumed via mouth or injections is that the former promotes ease of use.

Nebulizers and inhalers deliver liquid medicine turned mist directly to the lungs, with possibly fewer side effects. As this makes it easier to breathe it in, there are instructions in place around its precise and careful use. 

Nebulizers are small machines turning liquid medicines into powdered or mist form for direct inhalation. 

As there are different types of respiratory disease, choosing a nebulizer or inhaler considerably depends on your personal preferences, age, or condition. 

Both can provide immediate relief to those suffering from a respiratory illness. However, the ease of use with a Nebulizer prompts most people to choose it over an inhaler for medicine consumption.

Here are key factors that influence that choice:

  • Efficacy 

As a small compressor device, a Nebulizer attaches itself to a face mask turning liquid medicine into a mist form for seamless and direct inhalation.

Inhaling in this manner makes it easy for medicine to directly reach the lungs and respiratory system. 

  • Easy assistance to children & adults 

As respiratory problems can be commonplace with adults and children alike, nebulizers are often found less intimidating or complex to use.

Inhalers have to be correctly aimed at a precise angle for inhalation. This makes Nebulizers an ideal choice for children who are too young to use inhalers or adults who have grown weaker due to their illnesses.

  • Uncomplicated instructions

Using Nebulizers begins with adding  your medicine to the cup as per prescription instructions. Followed by connecting the mask to the machine or tubing, and turning the Nebulizer on.

The only step left in this process is to simply wear your mask to help deliver the medicine. And taking slow deep breaths to inhale all the medicine as per your treatment.

  • Can be used during other activities

As Nebulizers treatment sessions can be as long as about 15 to 20 minutes, both adult and children patients can partake in other activities during this.

As long as they’re comfortable, relaxed, and well seated, they should be able to take deep breaths while focusing on any other activity. 

  • Better during Emergency

Compared to Inhalers, medical professionals prefer the use of Nebulizers in emergency rooms as the former relies on learning the technique of use over a period of time.

Nebulizers are fairly easier in use for patients as they only need to take a few deep breaths, compared to knowing the precise way of consuming medicine via inhaler.

With either of the options one chooses for their treatment, it is always wise to consult a medical professional who can recommend devices as per your physical abilities, age, and diagnosis.

Respiratory problems, disorders and uneasiness have unfortunately become our living reality due to the debilitating climate crisis.

As a result, awareness on use of Nebulizers or Inhalers in consultation with your doctor would be a wise step to take. 

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