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Nursing Care for Bed Sores

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, is a skin friction or shear injury caused by immobility in bedridden patients. It can also happen to those in old age and who require assistance with daily needs and movement. 

As a condition brought on by bedridden illness, infections or immobility, Bed Sores can be challenging for those in recovery. 

Apart from constant supervision of healthcare professionals, and those who can help us to reposition and relieve discomfort, the use of pressure-relieving devices can help enormously.

Here are a few ways in which nursing care for patients with Bedsores can be effective:

1. Cleaning/Dressing of wounds

When providing wound care, your nurse or healthcare professional should look out for infection signs such as swelling, yellow drainage, redness or odor. 

Depending upon how deep your sore is, a doctor or nurse may even opt to remove debride (damaged tissue) by gently flushing it with water.

Open sores can also be cleansed by a saline solution as per medical consultation. 

Other than ensuring proper dressing, thorough hand hygiene should also be maintained when nursing a bedsores patient back to health. 

Use of clean gloves before dressing to touch pressure wounds and discarding those used after wound care is a must in the treatment or handling of pressure ulcers.

2. Adequate Hydration & Nutrition

Hydration plays a crucial role in the repair of skin damage and helps the body recuperate from a skin injury. 

For pressure healing, choosing foods low in fat but high in protein and minerals ensures proper recovery. 

The body needs food that is sufficient, light, and comes packed with nutrients to fuel your immune system. 

Even anti-inflammatory drinks and herbs like Turmeric aid in the process of skin repair and tissue injury. 

Loading up on fruits and vegetables with good fiber content is another way to ensure proper nutritional health.

Therefore, adequate water and nutritional well-being is a good stepping stone for complete recovery in Bedsores.

3. Use of pressure-relieving device

As Bedsores frequently occur on bony prominences, the right surface support or a skin-friendly fabric helps relieve pressure points.

An air mattress for bedsores is a preffered treatment option for concerned patients. 

For less padded areas such as- hips, heels, elbows, or shoulders, the alternating air bubbles minimize pressure on a single spot.

A good quality air mattress for patient provides relief to all parts of the body via its alternating pressure therapy. 

Most importantly, air mattresses provide great comfort for recovering patients and also conform to your body by eliminating pressure points. 

4. Support & Comfort

A stressful health situation or a long-term skin injury that leaves us bedridden, may lead to feelings of social isolation. 

Being surrounded by loved ones or friends can help us recover better. 

Depending on the scale of your injury, your healthcare provider should also encourage emotional relief/support for your wellbeing. 

For hospitalized patients, To make one feel independent and happier, frequent visits from family members can make us feel less alone, stressed, and ill.

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